Sunday, July 6, 2008

First Post

In this post, I guess I'll introduce myself.
I'm a social work graduate student, an early intervention ongoing service coordinator, a lifeguard, a Miley Cyrus fan, a young woman recovering from an eating disorder, a curly-haired girl, short, anxious, and content. Most of my posts will be relevant to at least one of the above.
Major influences in my life are my family, my friends, my job, the ANAD support group I attend weekly, my therapist, my college experience, my daily commute, the Disney Channel, and my plans for the future. Almost everything I write here will be inspired by one of those.
I read mostly memoirs, young adult novels (especially those by Sarah Dessen), books in the Oprah Book Club, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Psychology Today. I also enjoy my textbooks.
It wouldn't be impossible to figure out who I am by reading this blog, and you might be aware, but in this blog, I won't post pictures of myself or friends, detail my weekends, name names (other than celebrities), or disclose too much personal information.
I am starting this blog because I have lots of thoughts throughout the days and I don't like to keep them to myself, especially when they are deep enough that they merit sharing. Or when they're silly enough that they may warrant a giggle and brighten someone else's day.
Hopefully, I'll have something to share every day - a story, a thought, an excerpt, a quote, a scenario, a photograph.